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About Loading Services

Our team of highly experienced workers ensures that all the goods are loaded on to the vehicle without even a minor scratch. A systematic approach is followed; first heavy goods or goods that can sustain the weight over them are loaded followed by the light weight items.
The loading technique comprises safe heaping of packed cargo into the vehicle with the help of slides.

Some of the Loading tasks that are undertaken by us include Arranging packed boxes near transportation vehicle. Placement of boxes into the truck. Loading of your valuable goods either they are your household goods or heavy commercial items or electronic goods, is performed in extremely safe manner.
The goods are vigilantly placed in vehicles to keep them away from any kind of damage or dent. Loading of goods require special care and experience to avoid major risks involved. Hence we use advanced material handling equipment to execute the job with utmost safety in a fast and reliable manner. Our crew is specially trained to handle goods using equipments like truck trailers, lift tables, freight, loading spouts, lifters etc.
Handling the consignment for relocation is not that easy, but we have made all such tasks look easy with our experience and expertise. Putting heavy weight boxes at bottom of the truck Putting low weight boxes on top of the heavy weight boxes. Tie the boxes using good quality rope. Covering the whole truck using thick polythine sheet or special cloths called 'Tripal' so that goods may not disturbed.